Illumination Technologies

Purchase Orders


Please submit all Purchase Orders via email to
Due to our paper reduction policy, we no longer accept FAXed purchase orders

Credit Cards

We accept all Major Credit Cards (AmerX, Visa, MasterCard)
If you do not have established terms, we require Credit Card or Wire Transfer

Credit Terms

If you wish to apply for credit terms, please submit bank information
and three (3) trade references. This process may take 7 to 10 Business Days.

Company Information

Please submit all Purchase Orders using the following information:

Illumination Technologies, Inc.
102 Route 5 West, Building #2
PO Box 1153
Elbridge, NY 13060


Once your purchase order is accepted into our system, we will issue a Confirming Sales Order by email. This confirmation process may take from one to two days. Please provide the appropriate email address for receipt of this confirmation confirmation.